A full medical practice management 
company, specializing is billing, collections
credentialing, contracting, auditing, etc.

Premium Billing Solutions LLC

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Why Outsource?

You didn't go to medical school to become an expert in medical billing and practice management.  You have a desire to build a successful medical practice, specializing in what you do best, delivering superior medical care, and getting your patients back to the quality of life they deserve.  By utilizing an experienced, administrative partner in Premium Billing Solutions, LLC, you can focus on those desires.

Benefits of Outsourcing

By outsourcing to our company, you will eliminate the financial and business burden of staff training, education, space requirements, supplies, taxes, benefits and staffing that is required with any full-time employee.  In return, you will get over 16 years of experience and dedication to your practice goals.  Just think....no more time-intensive hiring, training, education and staff retention issues.  Outsourcing frees you from the burden of billing and collections so that you can focus your time and effort and resources on treating patients.